What’s In Your Cheerleading Bag?

by omni
Cheerleading bag

Your cheerleading bag is a vital accessory for the season! It will serve as a constant companion at cheer camp, a staple at cheer season practices and a team calling card at cheerleading competitions. So, what should you have in your cheer bag? Check out these must-packs for any situation this cheerleading season!

Cheer Camp

One of cheerleading’s most exciting traditions is summer cheer camp! Keep these items handy in your cheer bag to maximize your summer experience:

Sun Protection. You’ll want to remember sunglasses, sunblock, chapstick and a hat!

Body Fuel. Make sure you bring a reusable water bottle so you can stay hydrated, and some snacks that won’t melt so you can keep your energy up.

Cheer Gear. Make sure you know what team apparel you should bring, like your uniform, accessories, matching camp wear, shoes and body basics.

Personal First Aid. Keep the things like bug spray, bandages and any medications or pain relievers you may need at your fingertips by creating your personal first aid kit.

School Supplies. No, you aren’t technically in a class, but there is a lot to learn! Don’t forget to bring a notebook and a pen to record information and amazing memories!

Cheerleading Practice

Cheer practice will be a daily activity, so you’ll want to keep your cheerleading bag packed with all the necessities at all times!

Clothing, and Extra Clothing. Keep clean shorts, sports bras and practice shirts packed, and get in the habit of packing extras too just in case!

Practice Shoes. Your team performance shoes and your daily practice shoes will be different pairs, but you should still use similar shoes when practicing. That way, your feet won’t have to adjust to a new style of shoe for performances!

Wraps. If you need an ankle, knee, shin, etc. wrap or brace, don’t forget to include it in your bag.

Style Products. Keep a stash of hair ties and bobby pins, along with some hairspray, in your bag. It’s not so much about looking great at practice as it is about keeping your hair out of your face for safety reasons! It’s also good to keep a spare stick of deodorant in your cheer bag!

Cheer Competition

Cheerleading competition season will keep your squad on the move! A good travel rule is to make a check list a few days before you pack, so you have time to add items you may have forgotten. Here are a few items that will help you get started making your list:

Performance Gear. Make sure you include your uniform and warm ups in your cheer bag. You’ll also want to have your uniform socks and shoes.

Cheer Accessories. A team’s accessories help add to the personality and style of their performance! Make sure you bring your poms, glitter make up and hair bows.

Music. It is a good practice to make sure that several team members pack a copy of music for your routine. That way if disaster strikes for any copy of the music, there should be plenty of back up copies!

Money. You can’t be sure when it might come in handy, so it’s a good idea to tuck a little bit of money into one of the pockets of your cheer bag.

Have you ever found something random in the bottom of your bag? Leave a comment to tell us what it was!

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