What Your Favorite Cheer Practice Outfit Says About You

by omni

We all know there are much more important things than appearance, but the way you dress does say a lot about you. Whether you prefer to get all dressed up before leaving the house, you feel just fine going anywhere in your pajamas, or you fall somewhere in between, your personal style can say a lot about your personality. We’ve taken some of the most popular types of cheer practice outfits and suggested what the cheer styles mean. Find your go-to cheer outfit below to see what it says about you, then let us know in the comments if you agree! Cheer tees. You’ve got spirit, yes you do! You are proud to be a cheerleader and aren’t afraid to show it! Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media feeds are filled with crazy cheer GIFs and videos, inspiring cheer images, and funny (but oh-so-relatable) cheer memes. Sporty tees. You love wearing football-inspired t-shirts because you are officially your team’s #1 fan. There’s nothing like cheering at a big game under those Friday night lights. You are a supportive teammate, and your fellow cheerleaders can always count on you when they need some extra encouragement! The latest trends. You may be working up a sweat, but you’re still going to look good doing it in the latest cheer fashions like layered tanks paired with the perfect cheer shorts! You aren’t necessarily the kind of girl who would never be caught wearing sweatpants in public, but they would definitely be cute sweatpants! All about that bow. Who cares what you’re wearing as long as there’s a bow? You’re an accessory girl. The bigger the better! When it comes to cheer practice, you pay attention to the details. No one has to remind you to point your toes! Cheer fit. You wear performance practice outfits because, while you do want to look good, you are less about the glam than about getting your sweat on. You need a practice outfit you can stunt, jump, and tumble in! You are the type of cheerleader who puts in time outside of practice to make sure you’re the best cheerleader you can be. Dress for success. OK, so you can’t technically wear your uniform to practice, but if you could, it would definitely be your favorite practice outfit! You know your role as a cheerleader, and you take it seriously. From leading the crowd in cheers to holding pep rallies and fundraisers, you are all about the cheer life! What does your cheer style say about your personality?

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