What to Pack for Cheer Camp

by omni

Cheer camp is the highlight of any cheerleader’s summer! It’s challenging for sure, but it’s also a blast. You get to spend time with your teammates, becoming better friends and learning how to mesh and work together. You also get to jump right back into cheerleading, working on routines, brushing up on old skills, and learning new ones. But as exciting as cheer camp is, you have to come prepared in order to have the best experience possible! One of the most important ways to be prepared is to make sure you pack all the essentials. Consult this list when packing so you don’t forget anything important. As this comprehensive checklist shows, you’ll need to pack plenty of clothes, a few key accessories, helpful health items, your go-to beauty products, and a few miscellaneous items. For clothing, remember you’ll be sweating a lot, as well as doing various activities, such as jumping, stunting, tumbling, choreography, and conditioning. That means you will likely need more than one outfit for each day. You’ll also need cheer bows to match those outfits, of course! Then make sure you bring any spirit items, like poms and glitter dust or glitter star stickers in your team colors. You’ll need to fuel your body right during camp since you’ll be cheering hard all day long! This means drinking lots of water and eating healthy snacks‚ so bring a water bottle with you and pack some healthy snacks so you don’t just reach for candy or chips at the end of the day or between sessions. Bring a wrap or brace if you are used to wearing them for injuries or prevention! It’s also a good idea to bring some pain killers to help with minor aches and pains. Don’t forget your normal beauty products, like hair, makeup, and shower items. If you think you’re forgetting something, chances are it’s your toothbrush‚ so double check! A notebook is great for taking notes during the day or when you go back to your room in the evening. This will help you remember the key points you learn at camp and let you refer to them throughout the season. Music is a must for around your room in the morning and evenings, and don’t forget chargers for your phone and other devices! What are you looking forward to most about cheer camp?

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