What to Do When Nominated for Homecoming Court

by omni

Fall semester in school represents a lot things: sideline season, football, trees changing color, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and the official launch of holiday décor in stores. One thing all high school students look forward to is their school’s Homecoming weekend, where school spirit is at an all-time high and camaraderie has never been greater. It’s a time to bond with new students, boost enthusiasm to be back in school, and to create lasting memories. If you’re a cheerleader, it’s more probable that you, or one of your immediate friends, may be nominated for a spot in your classes’ Homecoming court. If this is your senior year, you may even be nominated for King or Queen! Whether this means very little or everything to you, what matters is knowing how to respond appropriately when you hear the news that you’re officially on the ballot. Just in case you need some help in the reaction department, we break it down for you:

1. Remain humble on the outside by freaking out on the inside.

If you’ve been dreaming about this day since you first strapped cheer shoes onto your little Pee Wee feet when you were three, this could be hard for you. Even if you never thought you would be nominated in a million years, you don’t want to look like a jerk by overreacting and rubbing it in other people’s faces that they didn’t make the cut. Homecoming Court is for the students that are exceptional examples of their school–the humble, the honorable, and the worthy.

2. Hide your confusion.

OK, let’s say you didn’t think this would ever happen. Don’t act too surprised! Obviously, people recognize that you’re a model student, so now is the time to accept the fact that you’re more notable then you think you are.

3. Smile and be appreciative.

Again, being nominated means that your student body thinks highly of you, so don’t act like a brat. Acknowledge your peers by being grateful and showing humility.

4. Stay out of controversy.

You might be on the ballot, but there is still a voting process that takes place between the initial announcement of candidates and the ceremonious unveiling of who gets the crown. Thus, ditch any possibility of scandalous behavior that could jeopardize your chances. If you get caught in the middle of unwanted drama, pull a Taylor Swift and politely excuse yourself from the narrative.

5. Don’t be a tyrant if you win.

Nobody likes a braggy, showy winner. #InstantRegret.

6. And, don’t be a sore loser if someone else takes the crown.

Homecoming Court does not symbolize anything in the long run: you’re no less of a person if you don’t win, and there will be plenty of opportunities throughout your life to earn awards and acknowledgement from others. Plus, there’s always Prom in the spring! So, if your name doesn’t get called, clap and cheer for the person who did win like a good sport.

What else should you do if you’re nominated for Homecoming Court? What was your experience? Share your stories in the comments!

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