What Cheerleading Teaches You

by omni
what cheerleading teaches you

Among its many benefits, cheerleading teaches you a lot of important lessons and instills positive traits and characteristics. Since last month was the start of school for many of us, we decided to talk about what cheerleading teaches us, too! Here are the highlights:


One of the most important things cheerleading instills is confidence. This is because it shows you that you can accomplish difficult things and it surrounds you with good, supportive friends, among other things.


Cheerleading also teaches you teamwork. The ability to work with other people to achieve a goal is an aspect of cheerleading that carries over into your non-cheer life, as well. Teamwork makes you a better cheerleader, but it also sets you up for success outside of the gym. Here are five ways cheerleading teaches you teamwork.

Work Ethic

Cheerleaders often excel at things outside of the world of cheerleading, like school, jobs, other sports, clubs, and hobbies. This is because cheerleading instills a strong work ethic. Cheerleaders are high achievers because cheerleading teaches these five key traits.

We’ve already established that cheerleading instills confidence, teamwork, and work ethic in athletes. If you want a strong, capable leader, find a cheerleader. But, did you know cheerleading also makes you a more compassionate, caring person?

Do you think cheerleading has taught you confidence, teamwork, work ethic, and kindness? What else have you learned from being a cheerleader?

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