The Scary But Exciting Transition from Middle to High School

by omni

Today, I am writing about a very touchy topic: leaving middle school and entering high school. If you have read my previous articles, you know I’m a 14 year old cheerleader that will be attending my freshman year of high school in September. Where do I begin explaining exactly how I’m feeling? Well, let me start with explaining a little bit about my middle school experience. First off, I never really went to “middle school.” When most think of the term “middle school” they think of going to a different school than their elementary school. This is not the case for most private schools. I go to a small Catholic school that teaches students in pre-k to 8th grade. Therefore, I’ve never changed schools since I entered the school in first grade. This makes my school very special to my heart and it reminds me of many cherished memories that impacted my childhood. Almost every huge milestone in my life happened while I was attending this school. Unfortunately, I’m leaving this school for good in June and as much as I’d love to stay and hold on I know the best thing to do is to let go and dive into new opportunities and adventures. High school seems extremely scary because I know it will be extremely different than my current close-knit school. However, I also know that high school will be an amazing experience. It is exciting to try something new but scary to think about having to get used to something so different than my normal routine. In my opinion, the number one scare for many graduating 8th graders is friends. Personally, it’s not that I’m afraid of making new friends, I’m just afraid of making the right new friends. Also, I am afraid of possibly losing my old friends because I won’t see them each day the way I do now. Another fear I have is not making friends at all! Friends are a big part of every girl’s life and can help you grow. In addition, I am also totally afraid of the academics in high school! I heard it’s seriously hard in high school! There have been so many horror stories about freshman’s grades dropping their first semester of high school due to the new adjustments! But, one thing I do know is that I have to try my best even though I’m very afraid of the workload! Last but not least, I have been preparing for my upcoming cheerleading tryouts! I have been working out and practicing each and every day. However, I am still nervous about getting up in front of the coaches at my new high school and auditioning. I’ve never actually tried out for a team before because my last cheer team did not require try outs! Again, I have to try my best and give it my all and if I fail I’ll just try again. Well, that sums up all my worries about leaving middle school and entering high school! Do you guys have any worries about trying something new?

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