The Ultimate Guide To Interval Training (and Why You Should Try It)

by omni

One of the big fitness trends this year is High-Intensity Interval Training (which we talk about here). Athletes and fitness-fans of all kinds are trying Interval Training and seeing major results. Interval Training is especially great for individuals who don’t have a lot of time in their schedule to dedicate an hour on the treadmill, like cheerleaders. Interval Training gets your heart pumping in no time and you can get more done in 15 minutes than you would in that hour on the treadmill. shared a great guide all about Interval Training, including the benefits and how to get started. Take a look and then visit to see the whole article! Remember! Always wear proper practice wear when working out, especially when performing something as high energy as Interval Training. Try the new Chasse C-Prime line, which includes a compression-style sports bra, shorts, and racerback tank made from C-dri, the brand’s very own sweat-wicking fabric that keeps the body cool and dry. Source:

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