Sublimation 101: The Options You’ve Always Wanted

by omni

In case you’re new to cheerleading or a part of a sideline team, you may not have heard about the growing trend that has been a staple of competitive cheer of late. What is this “sublimation’ everyone has been talking about anyway? Chances are, you’ve seen sublimated items on the mat (or even on the sidelines), and didn’t even know it! Don’t worry‚ if that’s the case, it’s still a relatively new option for cheer items, so don’t feel behind the times. However, once you get a crash course in sublimation, you will find that opting for it will elevate your team’s look to exponential heights! Sublimation allows endless possibilities, an easy order, and the ability to match your team to a theme. So, buckle up, because we are going on one wild sublimation ride! What is sublimation? Sublimation is a process where designs are infused into fabric using heat. This dye process enables items to not crack, fade, or peel over time which means that sublimated items last longer than cheer gear that is embroidered or tackle twilled. The best part about sublimation is that you have full control over your items: you design all of it‚ from logos to mascots, from sleeves to the sides of skirts to the back of shirts‚ so you always get the look you want. Most sublimation design centers have a collection of designs to choose from, but there is always an option to submit your own. Again, the choices are infinite. Why opt for sublimation? Sublimation is a more cost-affordable way to get a custom look without the big price tag of traditional “custom’ uniforms. You will also never again stress over fill-ins, since sublimation is made to order and never goes “out of stock’. Plus, your look will always be original! What material are sublimated items made out of? At first, most sublimated items were stretch performance material only; this kind of material was perfect for high-intensity competition teams. However, the sublimation game has changed over time to segue into the sidelines! That’s right‚ you can now obtain Double Knit Sublimation uniforms for your team! Double knit sublimation is a thicker performance material that caters more to school teams or special cheer events. With this shift in material, you can now have sublimation wherever your team goes. Can you get sublimation for other cheer gear, besides uniforms? Yes! Sublimation has transcended into other areas of cheerleading‚ like practice, and camp! Practice styles like sports bras, shorts, tanks, and skirts can all be sublimated nowadays, so attend camp this year with a united look! By choosing sublimation for practice, your team will feel professional and as a result, push themselves harder to improve their routines. It may sound silly, but sublimation is a great mind trick to get your team on track. Who is sublimation available for? In short, everyone! With sublimated men’s wear on the market, coed teams are not limited in shopping for team gear. Sublimation truly is everything you’ve wanted for your team, and all in one place! Do you still have questions concerning sublimation that we didn’t address? Leave a comment, and we will answer!

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