Put On Your Teacher’s Cap: Tips for Teaching Cheers

by omni

There are those who do and those who teach; but cheer coaches and captains do both! Your squad is only as good as your cheers so it’s important to take the time to create creative and fun ones that you can recycle for another season. As football season approaches, now is the time to teach cheers and chants for games and pep rallies so your squad performs as great as your team uniforms look! When preparing to teach your cheers, keep in mind that everyone learns at a difference pace. Some catch on right away while others need the moves to be repeated a few more times. If some of your cheerleaders aren’t learning the routine quickly, don’t assume it’s because you’re a bad teacher or they’re bad cheerleaders. Give yourself time to teach and your squad time to learn. Cheers and chants are an important part of a cheer squad’s season so they shouldn’t be rushed. A great way to be able to teach and help individuals along the way is to have an assistant coach or captain teach the routine while the coach walks around and watches out for anyone making a mistake or looking confused. Or, have the coach teach the routine and the assistant coach or captain help anyone struggling. It’s best if any mistakes or confusions are caught early and corrected. Rather than teach an entire routine at once, try teaching in small segments. Start with two or three 8-count sets of routines and repeat until everyone memorizes those segments. Then, continue with the next few sets. After a new set is taught, repeat from the very beginning so the first sections aren’t forgotten. When teaching a more difficult or long routine, keep the spirits of everyone up during practice! When a practice session becomes too serious, people are more likely to stress out or get frustrated. Keep the mood light and fun. Compliment girls who are doing well and encourage others to keep smiling. It’s easier to teach and learn a routine when everyone is having fun. Teaching a routine doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating. If you ever hit a roadblock and are having trouble completing a routine, turn to your squad for help! Your cheerleaders, assistant, and captain may have some fresh ideas that you never thought of doing. By collaborating, it’ll be easier to teach the routine! However you choose to teach, make sure your squad wears the right practice wear. By wearing comfortable and breathable tops and shorts, they’ll have an easier time moving. Lycra tanks and shorts are particularly great options because they conform to the body’s shape. This will make it easier to spot any small but critical mistakes, like wrong hip placement. What are your tips for teaching cheers or routines? What works best with your squad?

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