Prevent Ordering the Wrong Cheerleading Items

by omni

Nothing is worse than patiently waiting for your package to arrive, then you open the box and realize, “OH MAN! I ordered the wrong thing. ” We have all been there at one point or another-accidentally selecting the wrong color or only ordering one instead of four. It happens to the best of us. Here are some helpful tips on how to prevent ordering incorrectly. Get organized: Before you place your order, get organized. Have the items numbers, sizes and colors grouped together when you are ready to order. Many times coaches have the sizes listed per girl and are trying to count sizes while speaking to a representative. This can cause miscounts when entering the sizes because you counted the skirts sizes instead of top sizes-it can get confusing. You do not want to accidentally order too many larges when you meant to order a medium and then be forced to do exchanges or buy additional pieces because you missed a cheerleader. The best option is to have all your information together so no miscounts happen. Ordering as a team: I know trying to collect money from parents and fundraising can be difficult and time consuming but ordering as a team in one bulk order is your best option. Not only will it save you money, it also insures your order will match. As a coach you know you always have that one cheerleader who always forgets to give the order information to their parents, or the parent is someone who does everything last minute. By ordering in one bulk order you will insure that all your items are delivered at the same time and the items will match. You will avoid spending extra money on shipping costs and unnecessary returns and exchanges. Nothing is worse than a cheerleading missing out on a game or competition because they did not get their order on time, or they ordered the wrong items. Individual ordering: I do not recommend this option but sometimes, it cannot be avoided. If you have to order individually for your cheerleader, especially if your order contains customization, the coach needs to call in and place the original order. If the order contains customization an approval email will be sent to the coach to approve. Once the order is approved the parents can then call in and reference the original order. The parents must reference that order number when ordering to avoid any errors or ordering wrong items. As the coach I would recommend having a team meeting with all the parents, provide them a copy of the original order, and really stress that the parents need to call in to place the ordering and must reference the original order number. This method again is not recommended because there is still a high probability that something could be ordered incorrectly. Sometimes parents do not reference the original order, transpose an item number, or they order navy instead of royal. The best option, especially for a large teams, is to order one bulk order together. Ordering flubs happen. By simply getting organized and communicating with your team, you can avoid ordering incorrectly. Omni Cheer does allow returns and exchanges for all orders that adhere to our return policy, just in case you do happen to order the wrong items. If you have any questions about placing an order or would like to get a quote, contact our Customer Engagement team at (800) 299-7822, and they will be happy to answer any of your questions. Happy ordering!

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