Our Top 6 Holiday Guilty Pleasures

by omni

The holidays only come around once a year, so you have to celebrate like it’s your job. If you are up for that challenge, take inspiration from our top six holiday guilty pleasures and share yours in the comments: 1. Food. Yes, much of the same food exists during other holidays and is just cut into different shapes, but your sugar cookies just taste better as snowmen and trees than they do as Easter eggs and pumpkins. Because of this very scientific fact, you must eat a lot of them. This goes for most holiday food. source 2. Music. On December 1, it is officially OK to start listening to holiday music. That might even be in the Constitution (but probably not, so please don’t put that on your history test). If you started during Thanksgiving, we won’t judge you, but anything earlier than that you are required by law to only do through headphones or when you’re in your room alone and sure that no one else is around. source 3. Headbands. Antlers? Elf ears? Candy canes? Yes, yes yes. These are a fashion must for the holiday season. source 4. Watching lots of TV. You don’t have school, and it’s cold outside. Sure, there are lots of fun winter activities, but you can only sled and frolic in snow for so long before you turn into an icicle yourself. So you enjoy some holiday cookies in front of the TV and take in all the holiday shows. Plus, you have to watch Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer for the 400th time. What if something happens this time and Santa doesn’t get all the presents delivered in time? source (Also, this seems like a good time for a friendly reminder that Mean Girls can technically be considered a holiday movie) source 5. Shopping. You have to get your mom a sweater, and your dad a sweater, and your sister something actually cool that you plan on “borrowing” from her. While you’re out shopping so generously for others, you might as well just see if those cute cheer shorts fit, right? source 6. Making wish lists. Maybe you don’t make an official wish list to hand out to your family, but you make sure they know what you want. You text your mom screenshots of new gadgets. You circle items in magazine ads and leave them in strategic locations around the house. You set your favorite store’s website as your dad’s home page. source What are your top guilty pleasures during the holidays?

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