Our Favorite Cheerleading Uniforms for Competition

by omni

Competition season is right around the corner! You are going to need confidence, fierce accessories, and a uniform that makes your team stand out. A good competition uniform turns heads and makes your squad feel confident and united, but it also has to be comfortable and flexible so you can perform all out. These uniforms will do all the above: Sublimated Uniforms The sublimation trend is really popular right now, and it’s easy to see why. The uniforms look great, are affordable, and won’t wear out. Sublimated uniforms last because the design is infused directly into the fabric using heat. It is not attached to the uniform, like embroidery or tackle twill, so it won’t crack, peel, or fade. Chasse offers four styles‚ a long sleeve top, a long sleeve crop top, a short, and a skirt‚ and eight designs.You can play around in the sublimation studio to design your own sublimated uniform! Showtime Cheerleading Uniforms The Showtime line from Chasse offers a stretch metallic cheer uniform with a wrap-around design. We love the metallic accent color! Trophy Metallic Cheerleading Uniforms With the Trophy line, Chasse gives you lots of options to create the competition look your team is shooting for, from crop tops and long sleeves to shorts and skirts. We love that the uniforms are performance-ready with stretch material and C-Dri moisture-management fabric. Double-knit Cheerleading Uniforms Many high school teams stick with the classic double-knit uniforms for competitions. The Metallic Cheerleading Uniform from Soffe is our pick for competitions because it puts a modern spin on the traditional look with metallic taping. What is your favorite competition uniform trend?

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