On The Move: Travel Tips For Cheerleading Competition Season

by omni

Cheerleading competition season is heating up, and cheerleading squads all over the world are on the move to showcase their moves! Here are a few tips to help you get started with your packing, and to keep you safe during your travels. Packing Checklist A good travel rule is to make a check list a few days before you pack, so you have time to add items you may have forgotten. Here are a few items that will help you get started making your list: Your cheer bag Any medications or pain relievers you may need Braces and wraps that you need to wear while performing Your team uniform Competition accessories (hairbows, poms, glitter makeup) Practice and warm up wear Cheer socks and performance shoes Sports bras Eye care (glasses, contacts, cases and cleaners) Travel pillow A camera to capture all the great moments! Packing Tips Make sure at least 3 people are assigned to bring the cheer music mix for your performance. That way if one person forgets or if someone’s luggage gets lost, you have a backup. Always carry a little cash on you when you travel in case of emergencies. Don’t forget extra clothes, socks and footwear; for casual hanging out, sleeping or special events. If you have extra accessories, bring those too in case one of your teammates forgets something! Don’t forget flip flops for showering, and plenty of hair ties and bobby pins! Don’t wear or bring any expensive jewelry. You can’t wear it during your performance anyways, and you don’t want to risk losing it or having it stolen. Travel Safety Tips Stay in a group as much as possible when traveling. Use the buddy system, where 2 or more people are assigned to keep track of each other. Use luggage tags that clearly display your contact information in cause it is lost or misplaced. Try to add some flare to your bag so it stands out, like a cheer keychain or ribbon – especially if your cheerleading squad is traveling with the same team bag! Be sure to check the weather report for the area that you are traveling to so you can be prepared. If there is bad weather expected while you are traveling or where you are staying, make sure that everyone is aware of the emergency plan for the area and for the team. If you are flying, be aware of the current airline rules, including weight limits on checked baggage and restrictions for carry on items. If you are staying at a hotel, follow these simple rules: don’t answer the door for anyone you don’t know, never walk around barefoot, double check that you have your room key before leaving the room and under no circumstance should you practice any stunting in or around the pool area.

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