October Cheer News You Don’t Want to Miss

by omni

We are enjoying being fully into the fall season with football games, pep rallies, and other cheer events happening regularly. That’s why we talked about everything cheer this month, from what it takes to be different types of cheerleaders to common mistakes to avoid and some other fun fall cheer topics. Here’s what you might have missed: Ever wondered what it takes to be an All Star cheerleader? A lot of elements go into successfully hitting the mat to compete. Cheerleaders must rock facial expressions and wild makeup, be comfortable performing in front of an audience, and participate in dancing, tumbling, and jumping. But, anyone can become a competition cheerleader. In fact, there are only four rules that are absolutely crucial to becoming a competition or All Star cheerleader. Now that sideline season is here after months of anticipation, you’re finally getting to use everything you’ve been working on. You’re in top cheer shape, and you have all your cheers and routines dow‚ but a few small mistakes could take away from all your hard work. Here are five common mistakes to avoid when sideline cheering. With Halloween just around the corner, now is a good time to vent about the things cheerleaders fear year round. While Halloween displays are scaring passersby with spiders and monster masks, these are the things real nightmares are made of. Bonding with your teammates is a great way to ensure a fun and successful season‚ after all, you can’t stunt well with someone you don’t know and trust! Getting to know each other isn’t just something you schedule during camp or the first few practices of the season either. You can work on it and keep getting closer all season long. In fact, the ride to and from games, competitions, and other cheer events is a great opportunity! Here are some bonding activities you can do in the bus or car. Coaches occasionally face difficult situations during the season. Coaching your child, sibling, or other relative carries the potential for a whole different experience though. While there are plenty of great aspects of coaching a family member, there can also be some awkward, uncomfortable, or tricky situations. Check out a few key dos and don’ts for coaching your child or another relative and share any of your own tips or experiences in the comments! What cheer topics did you and your friends discuss this month?

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