Master the Cheer Spirit in 5 Steps

by omni

We can never talk about spirit enough. It’s arguably the most important part of cheerleading and, even if you don’t agree, you can’t argue that spirit was the initial reason for cheerleaders over 100 years ago. While there is A LOT to know about the cheer spirit, we rounded up some of the most important things you should know about spirit. Before you can show off your spirit, you need to know (and have) the essentials. From banners to pom poms, learn what to use, when to use it, and how to make it spirited! Did you know that you can have a more successful fundraiser by adding a few spirited elements? Not only does a spirited fundraiser turn a task into a fun event, it also inspires your community to get involved when they might not have otherwise. Designing or planning a Homecoming float this year? Never fear, we’ve got the tips and advice for creating the most spirited parade float you’ve ever seen. You can’t fake spirit. While you may individually be spirited, it’s crucial that your whole team is united in spirit. The only way this can happen is if your team bonds! Take the time at practice or on weekends to play team bonding activities or plan squad outings. The squad that plays together, stays together! Lastly, the best way to get spirited is to be inspired by other cheerleaders. Check out our infograph about what our readers love most about being a cheerleader. What do you think is the most important aspect of spirit?

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