Makeup Ideas for Cheer Competition Season

by omni

Cheerleading competition season is here. You’ve practiced your routine so many times, you’re doing it in your sleep. You’ve ran miles, stretched for hours, and have done so many repetitions you’ve lost count. You are physically and mentally ready to take on your competitors and come out on top this season. You’ve got the physical conditioning and an impressive routine that you know you’ll score high on, but what about your actual appearance? Crazy as it may be, judges actually have a place on the score sheet for this section. They judge on facial expressions. It’s such an easy away to gain points but coaches often forget about this section on the score card. Even if your team is smiling and making expressions during the routing, the judges are sitting a far distance from the mat and the bright overhead lights will easily wash out those smiles. It’s important to apply heavy make up, strategically placed to help those big smiles shine through all of the distractions. Layer on eye makeup and mascara to play up your eyes, use heavy powder to combat shine, generously apply blush to give you face some contour, and lipsticks in dark pink or red to play up big smiles and make your teeth look whiter. We’ve also found some useful websites that give you a step by step tutorial on how to create make up looks that really stand out. Please remember to check competition guidelines as well as some competitions don’t allow rhinestones. Glitterbug Cosmetics They offer some great step by step make up tutorials for cheerleaders and dancers. They also have a great price point range if your team is on a budget. Urban Decay Cosmetics Even though they are more expensive, they offer some out-of-the-box tutorials and they’re products can be bought in department stores and Sephora. MAC Cosmetics A much higher price point, but a lot of their looks can be translated into makeup ideas for teams. They are always rotating tutorials through their website as well, so there is a lot to choose from. Another great place to find make up tutorials is YouTube. YouTube has a large source of user made videos that take you through the step by step process of applying make up. Though the products they use are often not linked, you can draw a lot of inspiration from these creative makeup artists. We hope this was resourceful and best of luck in this competition season!

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