Katy Perry + ’80s Cheer Video = Match Made in Cheer Heaven

by omni

A genius who is clearly using his power for good has made what is perhaps the best, most important discovery of 2015 thus far. We don’t know how YouTube user Thomas Jung stumbled upon the fact that Katy Perry’s “Firework” matches up perfectly with an “80s cheerleading video, but we are sure glad he did. We first saw this brilliant find on the Huffington Post, who pointed out that the cheer video is from 1984” “the same year Katy was born. They joke that this is probably just a coincidence, but we aren’t so sure. Maybe this mashup is a sign that Katy should start her own cheer squad. She does wear cheerleading uniform-inspired outfits a lot, and those sharks she danced with during her incredible Super Bowl halftime performance yesterday could be her team mascots! It’s too bad “Firework” wasn’t around when the routine was originally performed, because the fierceness of the song is a great match for the fierce old-school cheer moves. Somewhere over the past 30 years we’ve stopped using the robot and running man quite as often in our competition routines, but that same cheer spirit is still pumping through cheerleaders’ veins on blue mats, grassy fields, and gym floors today. Watch the amazing “Firework”-University of Louisville cheer team mashup below: Did you love the Katy Perry halftime show as much as we did? Does seeing this mashup make you want to go watch a bunch of videos of old cheer competitions, too?

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