It’s Dire Time that Cheer Dads Get Some Recognition

by omni

Cheerleading is all about giving back: giving back to your community, your teammates, your coach, and your school. Rarely, though, do people in the cheer world notice the underdogs of every cheerleading team across the board‚ the cheer dads! They really don’t get the recognition and support they deserve, and as dads, they probably are too proud to ask for help most of the time. Do you think creating the perfect cheerleading hair poof for competitions is easy? Well, try being a man that’s never thought getting hair that high was possible, let alone ever done a ponytail in his life to do it! It’s not even the fundamentals that are the hardest for cheer dads; they truly endure a lot. So, cheers for cheer dads! Here are some articles that not only help to spread cheer dad love, but also help the ones that are supporting their little cheerleaders as they pursue the sport they love: First and foremost, people need to realize that cheerleading is‚ and never has been‚ an all-female activity. More and more males join cheer teams every year, and coed teams are at an all-time high in number. And, if people aren’t recognizing male participants, think about how cheer dads feel! They are pretty much non-existent in society’s eyes. Well, newsflash, cheer dads are here and here to stay! There Are More Cheer Dads Involved in Cheerleading Than You Think‚ just waiting to be acknowledged! Now that you know cheer dads are there, believe you me, they get mislabeled right and left with generalities. Nobody likes to be stereotyped, and cheer dads are of no exception. A cheer dad’s child is already dealing with the stress of the sport; the last thing a father of a cheerleader wants to do is add more stress to the situation with prejudice from other team parents. Therefore, we’ve gathered a list of 4 Inaccurate Stereotypes About Cheer Dads That Need to End. Like, immediately. Cheer dads are many things. They come in all sorts and forms, but all are the same when it comes to supporting their little cheerleaders. When cheer dads finally do overcome the stereotypes they are up against, it’s time for them to carve out what exactly they do bring to any given cheer team. Believe it or not‚ cheer dads are more essential to a team than you would guess! Because of this, it’s important to know The Roles Cheer Dads Play in the World of Cheerleading. Cheerleading is tough for any parent, just the time spent taking your cheerleader to each event on the calendar is hard! Not to mention the sport costs a pretty penny to even be a part of. However, some parents get it better than others. Cheer dads, unfortunately, get the short end of the stick. There are actually six more obstacles that cheer dads face versus their female counterpart. Good thing we set these six obstacles to GIFs, just to hit the nail on the head even harder. What else do cheer dads come up against? Are you a cheer dad? Tell us your thoughts on these articles in the comments!

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