How to Take the Perfect Cheer Team Photo

by omni
Perfect Cheer Team Photo

Your team looks incredible in their new uniforms and you can’t wait to share their photos with everyone! Here are some tips from our catalog staff on how to take the perfect cheer team photo.

And when you do capture that perfect shot, submit it to our Catalog Team Photo Contest for a chance to be featured in the next Omni Cheer catalog and win $100.  Start snapping!

Take Perfect Cheer Photos

  1. Use a newer iPhone, camera or other device to get those high quality/high resolution photos. The higher the resolution, the crisper the photo, especially if you plan on printing your pics.
  2. Avoid cropping. Make sure the whole team and the uniforms are within the frame before you capture the image.
  3. No blurry images. Make sure the image is as sharp as possible by keeping the camera still. If you have a tripod put it to use. If not, take a peek at your shot to make sure it is crisp, and re-shoot if necessary.
  4. Clean the camera lens. This one seems like a no-brainer. But those lenses can get dirty and dusty, especially on your phone. Take a minute to clean it off before your shoot.
  5. Find a brightly lit area. Natural light is best. Don’t use a flash and make sure the light source is shining on your face and NOT from behind you. If the light source is behind you, faces will appear dark.
  6. Avoid the zooming feature. Instead of zooming in, move closer to the people in the photo.
  7. Be as natural as possible. A nice natural smile is perfect. Try to avoid pouty, kissy or overly animated cheer expressions.

Be Seen

Once you’ve snapped the perfect shots, share your photos with the world through social media. Your cheer families and athletes will love to see your team on Instagram and Facebook. Tag your photos and utilize hashtags to help promote your team outside of your usual network. Just be sure to have your athletes complete the appropriate permissions.

It’s always fun to tag the companies where you get your cheer gear too! Here at Omni we love seeing teams using #XOXOmni or @omnicheer. Show us yours!

Cheer Team Photo Contest

Enter the Catalog Team Photo Contest

Wouldn’t you love to see your team in print? We’re always looking for new cheer team photos for our catalogs. Here’s how you can be featured in the Omni Cheer catalog or social media and win $100!

  1. STRIKE A POSE. Snap a high resolution photo of your team wearing Omni Cheer.
  2. SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO. Like our Instagram page and share your photos with #XOXOmni, @omnicheer, or email Include the team name and contact info by 12/20/20.
  3. BE SEEN. If selected, your team will be featured in our catalog or on social media and will be entered to win a $100 gift card.

Get that team ready and start shooting your best photos ever!

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