How to Successfully Fundraise: Utilizing Social Media

by omni

The ubiquity of social media makes fundraising a lot easier than it used to be. You can spread the word about your fundraiser to an unlimited number of people with the click of a button. Like word of mouth marketing, utilizing social media is an inexpensive way to boost your fundraising results. Gone are the days of door-to-door fundraising. Now, it’s all about technology! Here several ways you can use social media for your fundraiser and how to do it effectively. 1) Make social media a priority Social media should never be a last resort, only used during the last week of a fundraiser. In order to make social media worth the effort, you’ve got to start early! As you plan out your fundraiser, think of ways you can incorporate Facebook, Twitter, or a blog. Just as you would create a schedule for fundraising sales at school or a grocery store, social media requires its own schedule. Plan out who posts and at what time, how you’ll gain a following, and how and when you’ll share updates and information. 2) Don’t get too crazy. Social media won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use it or don’t have time. If you think you’ll only have time for Facebook, just create a Facebook page. Don’t create five different accounts on ten different platforms if you either don’t know how to use them or don’t have time. Starting out, the simplest to use is Facebook and Twitter. You can easily post information about your fundraiser or your squad can set up a separate account specifically for the fundraiser. Each member can take turns posting updates and information. 3) Blog about it. If you’ve got a handle on social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, and want to really promote your fundraiser, create a blog! There are so many easy platforms now (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr…) that you can quickly set up a blog in no time. If you decide to work with a local business for your fundraiser, see if you can link your blog to their business’ website and vice versa. If you can, create a dedicated area for reviews about your fundraiser. Positive reviews can really bolster your fundraiser and make it seem more legitimate. Once you receive a great review, respond or mention it on a social media site! 4) Engage. It may seem annoying, but always, always, always talk about your fundraiser on social media. Within an hour, everything is old news so you can’t expect to publish one post and have a thousand people flock to your fundraiser. You have to talk about it often. Just as important as talking about it is talking with someone about it. If anyone asks a question on your Facebook or your fundraiser’s Twitter, answer as quickly as possible. Efficient and enthusiastic responses make sales; silence does not. 5) Make a party out of it. If your fundraiser is an event that takes place on specific dates, set up a Facebook event to create a fun buzz! You can invite all your friends and ask them to invite theirs. A Facebook event is easy to create. Make sure to include all of the essentials: what the fundraiser is for, how your squad benefits from funds raised, when and where the event takes place, and any other notes (e.g. cash only, bring your own snacks, etc.). 6) Keep your followers informed. Whether your fundraiser is ongoing or a one-time event, keep your social media followers updated. Let them know how much money raised; upload a picture of the cheer uniforms you bought with the fundraising money raised; thank everyone that helped out. By thanking your followers (and let’s face it: a lot of them will be friends and family), there’s a greater chance that they will help out during your next fundraiser (and you know there will be another one). More resources for using social media for your fundraiser: Creating a buzz with Facebook events How to set up a WordPress blog in 20 minutes Fundraising on Twitter Online fundraising tools for raising money and awareness Social media 101 Have you ever used social media for your fundraiser? How do you use social media for fundraising? Or, why don’t you use social media for fundraising?

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