How To Perform a Scorpion for Cheerleading

by omni

We’ve decided to try something new by including a weekly “how-to’ for all you cheerleaders out there. Over the next 11 months, we’ll be adding “how-to’s’ on how to perform cheerleading stunts, choose the right cheerleading uniform for your cheerleading squad, prepare for cheerleading competitions and more! Our first ‘How To’ installment for 2011 details how to perform one of the most difficult cheerleading stunts, the scorpion. First things first, before attempting the scorpion or any complex cheerleading stunt, make sure to stretch thoroughly. Two stretches that may help you perform “cleaner’ and tighter scorpions – and cheerleading stunts, in general, are the splits and back bends. To Perform a Scorpion for Cheerleading: *Before performing the scorpion (or any cheerleading stunt) it is important to stretch thoroughly, Bend the knee of the foot you’re pulling up behind you, Grab the outer side of the foot (that you’re pulling back) with the hand of that same side, Once you have a firm grip on your foot, start pushing up with your leg while pulling back with your hand, Turn outward when your foot reaches high enough, lock the leg you’re standing on and reach back as far as you can with the other hand and grab foot. If you are experiencing trouble performing the scorpion, here’s some tips on how you can improve your form: practicing this stretch against the wall, with a partner for stability, or Read Another ‘How To’ on Improving Flexibility for Cheerleading Stunts

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