Graduation: Saying Goodbye and Hello

by omni

June is the month of graduation for most high schools. It’s a sad and exciting time of year where we say goodbye to the seniors and the seniors say hello to college and life. Make the most of this time with your squad – you’ll remember it forever. To help, here are four tips for seniors (and one for those saying goodbye to the seniors!). Saying goodbye to your teammates and friends when you graduate is tough. Plan your goodbyes and make happy memories to help avoid depression. As freshman, senior, and junior cheerleaders, you shouldn’t just say goodbye to the seniors; plan a spirited send off like one of these five ideas! Planning for college can cause a lot of anxiety. By knowing what to expect, you can count down the days with excitement instead of fear. Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader. You can use a lot of your cheer skills throughout life, in college and in your career. Appreciate all the funny things you and your fellow seniors are known for saying during those long last months of high school. What are you least looking forward to about graduation? What are you most excited for?

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