Free Guide: Prom Planning Tips For Cheerleaders

by omni

Preparing a detailed and realistic game plan for prom can help make sure your dream night doesn’t turn into a disaster. Start planning early with this guide, which will help you set a budget, plan the night’s activities and keep your beauty routine on track. This complete guide even includes a day-of-prom checklist! Fill out the form below to get your free copy now, and easily save, print and share this guide with your cheer community! Name* First Last Email* Enter Email Confirm Email Zip Code Which best describes you: CheerleaderDancerCoachParentChoreographerOther Sign me up to receive emails from Omni Cheer Blog and its partners Omni Cheer Blog does not sell your contact information. See our privacy policy. Email SNEAK PEEK Chapter 1: How Much Is Prom Going To Cost? Planning your budget may be THE most important step to preparing for prom. Setting detailed and realistic guidelines will help keep your stress levels under control and let you focus on being fabulous. Skipping this step could mean that you’ll be at home while everyone else is at the ball. Here are some of the main items to consider. Chapter 2: Plan The Perfect Prom You don’t approach cheerleading at a sporting event or competition without a game plan, so why would you go to one of the most exciting nights of your life without one? Choreograph a prom worthy of a first place finish with these simple planning tips. Chapter 3: Perfect Your Prom Beauty Plan As a member of the cheerleading community, you understand all the details that go into your performance look. Perfecting a beauty plan for prom is no exception to details, but don’t forget to adjust your goals from performance-ready to prom-ready. Here are prom’s worst red carpet fails, and the winning ways to avoid them. Chapter 4: Are You Ready For Prom?! Hopefully you have spent the last few weeks preparing and planning, and only have a few small details to worry about now. Planning your final steps can be the hardest part, since you are starting to get more excited about prom. Use this review to make sure you don’t forget anything that you need to do before, during or after prom. Download the full guide now to get access to all of the prom planning tips you’ll need to have the perfect evening!

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