Free Guide For Cheerleaders: Losing Like a Winner

by omni

It happens to every squad at some point: a loss. It’s no fun losing a game or competition and it’s even worse if a coach, parent, or rival team makes you feel worse about it. Learn how to find the positives after a loss, how your coach and parents can support you, and how to deal with a rival team that tries to bring you down after their win. Fill out the form below to get your free copy now, and easily save, print and share this guide with your cheer community! Name* First Last Email* Enter Email Confirm Email Zip Code Which best describes you: CheerleaderDancerCoachParentChoreographerOther Sign me up to receive emails from Omni Cheer Blog and its partners Omni Cheer Blog does not sell your contact information. See our privacy policy. Email SNEAK PEEK Spin a Loss Into a Win Every squad, whether it’s on the competition mat or on the sidelines, will face a loss at one point or another. While it’s not the best feeling, there are ways to find the positives and grow from the experience. Dealing with Sore Winners It’s hard enough to lose and it’s even worse when the winning squad rubs it in your face. Don’t let their immaturity and sore winning get you down and, whatever you do, don’t stoop to their level. Discipline without Bullying What sets an average coach from a great coach is the ability to discipline without bullying. A coach must earn the squad’s respect by treating the squad with respect in return. Tips for Parents Parents just want to do what’s best for their kid, but sometimes, good intentions lead to bad outcomes. Focus on the right things to say and ask your cheerleader after a loss. Download the full free guide now to get access to all of the information you’ll need on dealing with a loss, finding the positives, and keeping your spirits up!

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