Fourth of July Cheerleader Hacks

by omni

It might only be June, but everyone’s got their favorite day of summer on the brain‚ The Fourth of July! Independence day, the day the United States gained their independence from Britain, (In case you didn’t know) is one of the most, if not the most important day in American history. While we remember all that was done for our freedom, it’s also the day that seems to officially kick off summer. Sure, you’ve been out of school for a month give or take, but the heat and the long nights are still on their way. What better way to kick it off than fireworks?! To spice it up this Fourth of July, we’ve got some hacks just for our cheerleaders. Keep reading‚ the last tidbit will have your squad pumped. 1. The Bow As a cheerleader, the perfect bow for an occasion is always necessary. This holiday especially, since you want to sparkle with the fireworks! The Fourth of July is the perfect opportunity to get the perfect picture with the back of your bow with a firework in the background. Here are a few perfect Independence Day bows: All-American Performance Hair Bow Spirit Performance Hair Bow Not feeling these bows? A great summer get-together for your team might be a bow making party. There are tons of bow tutorials on Youtube and all around the internet. You can get super crafty and start from scratch with your own ribbon, or you can buy a pre-made ribbon and find adorable glue on additions from your local craft store. 2. Makeup That Pops Now that you’re all set with your hair accessories, it’s time to move on to makeup. You know all that crazy colored cheer makeup that matches your team colors? You’re probably never going to use it all. If your team colors include red, white, or blue, you’re in luck! There are so many different things you can do with your eye makeup. Blue liner, glitter shadow, a combination of colors‚ makeup is amazing. You can go crazy with every flag color, or keep it super subtle with blending. Here’s some awesome Fourth of July makeup inspiration: Angela Bright Pink Perception 3. Turn Your Stunt into a Firework This idea’s an original, just for you. Many cheer teams have a summer performance of some sort‚ whether it’s at a local rec center, or even just your performance at cheer camp. Why not go festive with your stunting while everyone is watching? Try a basket toss with a handful of confetti, or even a confetti blaster. Make sure this is something safe, and something you can do without putting your stunt group’s safety at risk. It can be as simple as loading your flyer with one handful of confetti to throw at the top of her stunt. There’s so many options‚ did you know there’s something called a confetti high five? You’d just have to clap your hands at the top of your basket toss and boom‚ you’re the talk of camp for the rest of the week. How awesome would a kick-fold look with a blast of confetti?! Celebrate America this year to the best of your ability. Show your pride everywhere you can‚ especially when you have an audience! We hope you have a shimmering, beautiful, safe, Fourth of July.

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