Favorite Cheer Hacks

by omni
cheer hacks

When cheer takes over your daily routine, you can really use a small series of hacks just to function through everyday life. With all the hours of practice and what goes into performances, hello people, we need some life cheer hacks. Here we’ve gathered up seven of our favorite and most useful cheer hacks.

Hairspray Hack

Hairspray rules, and whoever invented it, we thank you. But forget about using it just on your hair. Use it on your shoelaces! A loose shoelace is a cheerleading nightmare waiting to happen. We can literally see the slow-motion fall now. So, spray those laces down in hairspray before and after you tie them to keep them in place.

Just for Flyers

Hey, flyers! Have you ever been shaking in stunt? Answer – yes. We’ve all been there. Besides tightening your core, try raising your toes to the tops of your shoes and pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth at the same time! Weird, we know. But these actions automatically make you pull up and firm your posture. Stunt saved!

Goodbye Wrinkles

Do you have a wrinkled cheer uniform with no time to wash it and no way to steam it? Can’t find an iron? No worries! Take your uniform into the bathroom and shut the door behind you. Run super-hot water to create steam and leave it in there for several minutes until the wrinkles disappear. Voila!

Stinky Shoes No More

Household items make the easiest and best hacks! This one is a sure-fire favorite. Let’s face it, cheer shoes can get stinky. It happens to the best of us and there’s certainly nothing to be embarrassed about. So, here’s what to do. Grab some dryer sheets and shove them into your shoes to sit overnight. Hello, fresh shoes!

Lipstick Hack

Hair flips, backflips, and stunts … there’s a lot of movement going on in cheerleading. That means lipstick can easily get smudged which is not exactly a cute look. So, let’s make it stick. After applying your favorite lipstick, lightly dab a translucent powder over your lips. This will seal in your lipstick to give you long-lasting color and prevent smudging!

Better Bronze

Some people like having an extra glow, but spray tanning can seem like a daunting task. Try these tips to make sure you get a beautifully tanned look using a self-tanning lotion. First, mix your self-tanning lotion with regular body lotion. Next, wear tanning mitts while applying the lotion. We swear by these steps to get an evenly tanned look without harsh streak lines or orange hands!

Shin Splints Be Gone

Shin splints are the absolute worst. But after long hours of practice, sometimes that annoying pain becomes inevitable. A quick fix to help get alleviate shin splints is to lay on your back with your legs straight in the air. Spell out the alphabet twice using your ankles. Do this morning and night to help get your shins back to cheering!

What’s your favorite cheerleading hack that makes life easier? Let us know your best tips and how these ones work out for you.


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