Critical Coach or Just a Bully?

by omni

In Salinas, California, more than twelve parents have accused a cheer adviser of bullying cheerleaders on the squads. The Steinbeck Football & Cheerleading Organization is a community program that includes several cheerleading squads, led by a cheerleading adviser. While some claim that evidence is unsubstantiated, others say there are rumors that Child Protective Services have been called to look into the situation. The general consensus among a dozen parents is that their children are being treated too harshly. The criticism they receive isn’t constructive and, as a result, they’re intimidated to speak to the coach. Some say that their children have been bullied to tears and their questions are ignored. Other parents argue that the adviser is only pushing the cheerleaders to try their best and work their hardest. The issue will be brought up at the next board meeting and we hope the issue is settled. Bullying is never okay, whether it’s from a teammate or coach. If you’re a cheer parent and you think your cheerleader is being bullied or put in danger, you can visit the National Cheer Safety Foundation for many great resources. Do you think this coach sounds like a bully? Or, are the parents being too sensitive? News Source: Central Coast News

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