Confessions of a Brand New Cheerleader (in GIFs)

by omni

You did it! You had a goal of making a cheer team, and you made it happen! You might have always wanted to be a cheerleader, or perhaps it just dawned on you one day that cheering is something that you have to go for; either way, you buckled down, put in the effort to get fit for tryouts, and totally nailed it. Well done! [Source: Giphy] However, as you head to your first practices, you will be experiencing some mixed feelings. Don’t stress‚ every new cheerleader goes through the same mental anguish. In fact, it’s so common, that we decided to pair GIFs to it. Confession #1: Newbie Insecurity [Source: Giphy] It hits you the minute you show up to your first practice: “oh no, these people are gooooooooood. ” You know that you are up for the challenge to become a great cheerleader, but how can you possibly measure up to your teammates who have been doing this since Pee Wee? Sure, learning cheerleading doesn’t happen overnight, but you realize that you have to really step up to learn faster than the average bear. Pressure’s on! Confession #2: The Flexibility Freakout [Source: Giphy] Part of being blown away by your new squad is not understanding the physics behind their innate flexibility. Again, you have to keep in mind the cheerleaders on your squad probably have been doing this for as long as they can remember, so their flexibility is pretty standard. Believe it or not, you’ll be that flexible some day too! But, for now, you’re going to catch yourself from time to time staring and slightly confused with what your team can do with their limbs. Confession #3: Counting Is Harder Than You Remember [Source: Giphy] You think of yourself as an intermediate dancer, and you successfully mastered a dance routine to get you through tryouts and on the team. But, what is this 5,6,7,8, and 1 nonsense? Ending on “1′?!? And, doing motions that seem contradictory to the count, yet everyone else is getting it? What is happening?? Calm down, you’ll start hearing this new count in your sleep, but in the meantime, hang in there as best you can. Confession #4: Keeping Your Imagination in Check [Source: Giphy] Once you’re immersed in the cheer world, you will find yourself thinking of more and more things to improve your routine. What if you do this… or chant like that?!? All these creative ideas are going to whirl through your brain at a million miles a minute, adding to the overall excitement of finally being a cheerleader. This is great, because that means you’re starting to eat, sleep, and breathe cheerleading! This isn’t so great for your coach, however, since they already have their ideas for the season. Don’t get discouraged that your ideas don’t matter! Write them down and come back to them when they apply. That way, your coach won’t be mad that you threw a wrench in their plans and you get the bonus of contributing to the next routine. Everyone wins! Confession #5: The Question of Quitting [Source: Giphy] You are sticking it out, but it all seems so overwhelming. It crosses your mind that just as easily as you began, you can bail. Right when you’re ready to throw in the towel for good, you come to find that you’re actually making progress! And, your whole team is behind you! OK, maybe you can’t quit after all. You’ve got this! If you remember to maintain the same confidence that you had at tryouts, you can truly accomplish anything! What are more confessions of new cheerleaders? What was your experience when you first joined a team? Share your story in the comments!

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