CheerLiving Magazine Has Stepped Up its Game for Fall

by omni

CheerLiving Magazine, a quarterly publication for all cheerleaders and cheer enthusiasts, has thrown traditional out the window for their latest Fall Issue! For the past three years, CheerLiving manufactured a digital version of their magazines for online readers that went alongside printed copies mailed to their subscribers. But, for the first time ever, the magazine has gone in a whole new direction. The magazine will no longer be mailed out because the magazine has gone digital‚ with an all-new, fully tricked-out app and issue! The CheerLiving app is now available as a free download, with FREE ISSUES, through all major app stores. You just can’t beat free stuff! Once you download the app, you gain instant access to the latest Fall Issue: an issue chocked full of tips and tricks for your new cheer season. Since school is back in session and both sideline and competitive teams are back at it, this is the perfect time to look ahead as well as reflect on what you learned over the summer at clinics and camp. Starting up on a new team or competition level is not the easiest transition, and CheerLiving recognizes that in articles like “Breaking Down Hard Choreography ” or “Breaking the Ice ” in order to get to know your teammates. Your cheer team is your family, after all! The Fall Issue also introduces the 2016 Chasse Athletes, and how they make not only an impact in their sport, but also their community at large. The new release further reveals their personal camp stories‚ both funny and groundbreaking! It’s always nice to hear from real cheerleaders doing real cheerleader things, and the Chasse Athletes definitely represent that as they take action in their industry. You could even go as far as saying that they are cheer superheroes‚ Other things in the latest CheerLiving are how to “upcycle ” your camp gear for fall, because practice never stops! Fitness is important as competitive teams condition for their first competitions, and CheerLiving says you may be exercising without even knowing it! Even though summer vacation slipped by so fast, the Fall Issue is trying to keep the season alive as we slide into autumn, and don’t forget to gear up with pink cheer items for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month! With football, Homecoming, and fall events lining the calendar, it’s nice to remember that it’s not too late to appreciate summer before it leaves us altogether. With fun interactive features to click and swipe and scroll, the all-new digital format of CheerLiving Magazine is insanely entertaining to read! We recommend clicking around on all the pages, just in case you find some hidden pop-ups, too! You can find CheerLiving Magazine on Facebook and Twitter, if you’d like to let them know what you think of their app and issue! For more information, visit the redesigned CheerLiving website or search for the free CheerLiving app in Apple, Amazon, or Google Play stores. What do you think of the CheerLiving redesign? What about their app? Let us know your experience in the comments!

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