We’ve Been Working On a Major Project (Find Out What It Is!)

by omni

Introducing CHEERLIVING Magazine! There’s no doubt that when you become a cheerleader, you aren’t just taking on a sport. You are taking on a family, a lifestyle and a dream. Cheerleading is one of the most time-consuming, and rewarding, commitments an athlete, coach and family will ever make. The experience is worth every single second, but it also lends itself to a lot of questions. That’s why our team started the Cheerleading Blog. We built a network of experts that the cheer community can turn to; a team of athletes, parents, supporters, coaches, mentors and teachers. Since we started, we have been opening discussions and offering advice for both the serious and spirited sides of cheer. Looking through all of our articles as the blog’s five-year anniversary approached, we were overwhelmed by all the information we had collected and shared over the years. That’s when it hit us: we needed to find a way to update the most informative, inspiring, and just plain fun articles with new perspectives and fresh advice. So, we’ve been working on a top secret project and we’re excited to say that we can finally share it with you. We are releasing our very own free print magazine called CheerLiving! We partnered with Chasse and some other really amazing industry leaders to create CheerLiving – a reimagined way to reach out to our readers and cover the most relevant issues for today’s cheer community. Our exciting first issue is being released now through limited distribution with our partnership with Chasse. The full, free, digital version is available online now through subscription. Sign up now and get instant access to the entire issue! Our first issue centers on what’s happening in cheer now. As one season ends, a new one begins and brings opportunities for new bonds, new skills and new gear! We celebrate everything new with activities for teambuilding, tips for ordering uniforms, and guidelines for the football season. Our cover girl is none other than Maddie Gardner. Maddie might be the busiest cheerleader out there. Between college classes and cheerleading, hosting a cheer show, and being the face of a cheer company, Maddie truly is full out, full time; incorporating cheer into every aspect of her life. In this issue, she uses her own experiences to help our readers balance life, cheer, and school. We’re still Cheerleading Blog and we will continue to do what we always do: provide the most up-to-date news, information, and advice on everything cheer. Our goal with CheerLiving is simple: to help you reach your goals. Be sure to send us your questions, comments and feedback. We’re happy to share your stories, tips, and advice, and we love to hear about how your team celebrates the whole season – from tryouts to senior send-offs and all the fundraising, pep rallies, and competitions in between. You can subscribe to receive the magazine or find out more information at www.cheerlivingmag.com.

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