Cheerleading In Pop Culture: Video Games

by omni

New technologies have opened the door to a new kind of experience with gaming. Video games are now highly interactive with voice and motion sensors – which has allowed companies to create cheer video games! There are now games available on the Sony PlayStation, the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360. These games help teach potential and current cheerleaders basic moves, choreography and chants. The Basics Interactive cheerleading video games create a virtual cheerleading squad, and allow the player or players to complete routines and performances. The video game consoles feature motion sensors, and players use either a mat or a wireless controller to have their move recognized by the game. Some consoles even have voice sensors, so for cheerleading video games a player can be scored based on how loud and proud they sound! Most games feature options for cheering at school games and also at competitions. Some games base their difficulty levels on moving up from cheering at sporting events to regional and qualifiers, then to national and international competitions. Benefits These video games let players learn real cheers while getting workout! The games will have training levels to help players learn the choreography, which will help girls that are new to cheerleading figure out how to take instruction and learn new moves. Playing the game is like being at practice! Real cheerleading motions and cheer jumps have been incorporated into these games, like High Vs and toe touches. Players will have to master these moves in order to beat levels and move on in the game. The practice that player will get during these games will also help them work on their balance and understand the importance of training before competitions. Features The games allow for a single player or multi-player set up. With multiple players, they can either be on the same team, or compete! Original cheer music is used for the games, giving them an authentic sound. Games that feature international competitions give you all kinds of different location backdrops that make you feel like you are traveling the world. The games enlist the help of real cheer professionals to help choreograph the moves and routines which keeps the routines fresh and current. There are different version of each game, which allows players to start at whichever level is right for them, and then move on to more challenging options. One of the most exciting things about these interactive games is that players have the ability to create their own characters. They can choose the school colors, uniform designs, accessories, cheer hairstyles and more to make their cheer squad unique! Have you played a cheerleading video game? Give us your review in the comments section!

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