Cheerleaders Never Give Up! (VIDEO)

by omni

Susie Sanchez is a grandmother…and tried out to become an NFL cheerleader. That’s right; you read that correctly (and she’s not even the oldest to do so). Sanchez, a 39-year-old mother to three children and a grandmother to one, was a dancer in her youth and again in her thirties. Her dream, however, was to always become an NFL cheerleader. For five years she tried out, year after year, to become an Oakland Raiders cheerleader. In 2011 her dream came true and she spent the year as a Raiderette. In 2012, when she didn’t make the team again, she didn’t give up. She wanted to try once more and achieve another dream: to become a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, which she viewed as the “big buys {…] the best team in the NFL. Flying from California to Dallas, she tried out amongst girls half her age (however, she wasn’t even the oldest; another woman was 41!). Semifinals wrapped up on May 4th and unfortunately for Sanchez, she didn’t make the team. Despite this, but she hasn’t let this bring down her spirits. Sanchez is a great example of the cheer spirit! Never give up and never let your spirit fall! If you are hesitant about trying out for cheer, or didn’t try out this year because you were afraid you wouldn’t make it, we hope this inspires you to try anyway. As you may or may not know, cheer tryouts for the Dallas Cowboys are considered to be one of the most competitive of the NFL. Hundreds of women from across the U.S. travel to Dallas, just like Sanchez, in hopes of wearing the famed Cowboys cheer uniform. This year, around 400 women from 26 states and 4 countries, including Australia and Japan, came to audition. Check out the video below, showing some behind-the-scenes action from this year’s tryouts. Final auditions take place on May 18 where 54 women will cheer it out to make the Dallas Cowboys cheer squad! News source: The Post Game What do you think of Sanchez’s journey to become a cheerleader?

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