Cheer Parent Tips: Help Your Kids Succeed As Teammates

by omni

Being a parent to siblings that are on the same cheerleading squad can be a challenge, but can also build a life-long family bond! Here are some things to encourage, and discourage, from your kids when they are on the same cheerleading team: Encourage… Healthy Competition. Some competitive feelings will be impossible to avoid. Make sure that the feelings don’t become harmful to either child. As long as the sibling cheerleading competitiveness is motivating them to work harder, it can actually be a good thing! Helping Each Other Out. When one child is developing their cheerleading skills faster than the other, it can cause jealousy and tension. You can keep this from happening by teaching your kids how use constructive criticism to communicate with and teach each other. Good Sportsmanship. If your children are taught to display good sportsmanship as part of their athletic responsibility, it is more likely that they will use those same techniques when working together. Spending Time Apart. Some families may find it hard to spend time together, but sibling cheerleaders are spending all of their time together; at home, at practice, at school, during performances and even traveling together for cheerleading camps and events. In this situation, you may find that some time apart is healthy for their relationship. Different Achievements. Actively acknowledge the separate achievements of each of your children. They might be at different skill levels, or be working in different positions on the team – congratulate them for their hard work and their unique strengths. Discourage… Favoritism. Favoring one child, or child’s set of skills, will cause the other child to feel left out, and can create tension that could adversely impact the team’s overall unity and performance. Teasing. Keeping the balance between family life and athletic responsibilities is going to be a challenge, and any mean-spirited teasing is going to make it harder for everyone to get through each cheerleading season. Exaggerated Rivalries. While some rivalry can actually improve the performance of each child, exaggerated rivalries can cause insecurities that could end up holding one child back from accomplishing their individual and team goals. Involving Others. Family matters should never be brought to the mat. The other team members should never have to choose sides between siblings in a fight. Do you have your own tips? Comment now to share with our readers!

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