Cheer Gear MVPs: The Trending Items You Need for Your Team

by omni

It’s springtime! In the world of cheerleading, this means that all major cheer gear retailers are busy promoting their newest and hottest items of the year. But, what really fits your team dynamic? What is the best bang for your buck? And, what are truly the most coveted items on the market, and not just the same ol’ stuff masked in marketing hype? We understand that cheerleading is an expensive sport, and we want to help! Cheerleading apparel stretches from uniforms to shoes to accessories to bags to practice to bows and more! So, where do you even start‚ especially if you’re new to cheer? We break it down for you in these four articles: Want to upgrade your team look? Start at the nucleus of cheer gear‚ the uniform. It seems like an easy task, until you get down to the nitty gritty and realize there is an overwhelming amount of options available at your fingertips pertaining to design, material, and customization. We showcase the latest designs and trends in uniforms to help you choose the cheer uniforms you need to elevate your next season. Camp is coming, tryouts started, like, yesterday, and practice never ends! Practice wear ranges in material, but it has to provide a good fit and full range of motion for all kinds of cheer activities. With temperatures outside rising, it’s useful to know what is the hottest practice wear to keep cheerleaders cool for the summer. We even complete the look for you‚ with memes featuring matching accessories, shoes, and more! Cheer shoes are tricky. With all the different turfs and tumbles a cheerleader encounters in one season, you have to make sure you rock the right footwear! Cheer shoes differ from the sidelines to the mat to the basketball court, so knowing what to look for when shopping is important! You don’t want to waste money on cheer shoes that don’t fit you or your team! We combed through the cheer shoes of 2016, rounded up the best ones, and even tell you how to pair them to your cheer team. You can’t talk about cheer gear without including the most important category of them all; that’s right‚ accessories! A cheerleader’s uniform shows style, but it’s the accessories that add attitude. And, what’s a cheerleader without a bow! In order to cheer from bow to toe, you need to focus on the accessories that complete the look. We know the jumbo performance bows that are turning heads this year, the bags you want for cheer camp, and all the other miscellaneous cheer accessories that add flair to any team. We have all these New Arrival items and more, now available for purchase on our website! Want to reference the full catalog? Our whole 2016 Spring Catalog is can be found online, with fun interactive features to help you find exactly the look you want. And, don’t forget that we also offer team packages for bulk ordering! Happy shopping, cheer enthusiasts! What’s your favorite item of 2016? Let us know in the comments!

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