Cheer Flyer Review: How To Do A Bow and Arrow (Advanced)

by omni

The Bow and Arrow is an advanced cheerleading stunt that is a combination of basic cheerleading motions and advanced techniques. The stunt can be done on the ground or in the air as part of a cheerleading stunt group. This guide should never be used to replace training from a cheer professional, and should only be used as an introduction to the basic steps for the stunt. These instructions are written for performance on the ground. After perfecting the general technique of the stunt, you can move on to working with your stunt group to get the stunt in the air. Increasing flexibility and improving balance are vital training for a cheerleader that wants to master her Bow and Arrow. There is no shortcut to mastering flexibility and balance- it takes hard work! – and a Bow and Arrow is impossible without those techniques. How To Perform A Bow and Arrow Click above to view large image Stand facing foward with your legs together and straight and your arms straight at your sides. When a Bow and Arrow is performed in the air, only one foot will be in the bases’ grip, so when practicing on the floor, put all your weight on the foot that you won’t be pulling up for the stunt. Slightly bend the knee of the leg you are keeping down, while at the same time starting to lift your other leg straight up and out. As you lift your leg, also reach the same arm out so that you can grip your foot. Your hand should wrap around the inner side of your foot, so that your fingers are resting on the bottom of your foot and your thumb is resting on the top of your foot. Continue to push your leg up with assistance from your arm. You should also begin lifting your other arm up toward a Touchdown position. As the height of your foot reaches your head, you should cross your free arm in front of you and place that hand on your foot, next to your other hand. Continue pulling your leg up, so that it is as extended as you can get it. Then, release your foot with its matching hand and pull that arm through your body so that it crosses in front of your extended leg. Hold that arm in a T position.

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