A Look Back on Pop Warner Cheer Memories

by omni

Here at Omni Cheer, we love our pop warner teams! I have said it before and will say it again: Pop Warner is great way to introduce your child to cheerleading. As you get older, you often feel nostalgic about you started in cheerleading. Here are some memories you might have from back in your Pop Warner cheer days: It is where it all began. For many cheerleaders, Pop Warner is where it all started. Pop Warner is how many cheerleaders learned their very first cheer, how to stomp, learned basic arm movements, and how to shake those pom poms. It is also the first time you pulled on that cheerleading uniform and heard the crowd cheer. Much like a werewolf, once you get bit by cheerleading, you are changed for life! For many of you, this is when you knew in your heart you would be a lifelong cheerleader. You made friends. You started cheering before you even started attending school! Cheerleading is where you made some of your first friends, and probably the first time you were part of a team. Cheerleading is a community all in itself, and you most likely continued to cheer with some of your Pop Warner friends after your first season. You may have even found your lifelong BFF in Pop Warner. Looking back, it is nice to remember a simpler time. Perhaps you should look up some of your fellow teammates that you have lost touch with over the years to see what they are up to, and possibly even reconnect! You experienced your first competitions. Pop Warner is not just sideline cheer; it can also be really competitive. There is often a misconception that Pop Warner is not as competitive as an All Star team, and that is just untrue. Pop Warner teams have major cheerleading competitions, and can be very elite! It is easy to feel nostalgic about those competitions. Even if you never won, it is fun to reminisce at how hard you worked, how nervous you may have been, and how you felt completely awesome nailing that stunt back in the day. You may even still have those trophies or medals around the house as a memory of your old cheerleading days. Even decades later, Pop Warner never really ends. Now that you are older, you may have hung up your pom poms for good. Well, dust off those old poms and give it a go! Sometimes, it can just be fun to practice an old routine, or get some of the other cheerleaders back together to cheer on your kids’ little league game. You are never too old to be a cheerleader, and those were the good ol’ days‚ so, why not do a little cheer in your living room? Hey, if your partner can play flag football with their friends on the weekend, why can’t you bring along the cheer squad? Once you are a cheerleader, you are one for life. It can be hard to let go of the past, and you have many fond memories that can last you a lifetime. You should never live completely in the past, but it is okay to have a little fun with your memories from time to time. Maybe you cannot do a scorpion or a toe touch anymore, but just because you’re getting old doesn’t mean you don’t know how to shake it! What are your Pop Warner memories? Share you story in the comments!

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