A Cheerleader’s Best Accessory?

by omni

Inspiring the Spirits of Classes Past, Present and Future Check out the Complete Guide to Inspiring Spirit: Tips and Tricks for Cheerleaders School spirit is about more than just wearing the biggest cheer hairbow around – it’s about inspiring others and leading a community to victory! Cheerleaders are known for their pep and enthusiasm, and that isn’t an accident. Leading team and school spirit really can go a long way in supporting an athletic team’s road to success. School spirit can be seen in posters, heard in chants and displayed with face and body glitter and paint. But is that all it is? No way, there is so much more to school spirit! School spirit is a feeling; excitement, anticipation, pride. It’s that spark that you can feel in the air on game day. It’s a fist pump or high five from teachers, classmates and neighbors. It’s the roar of the crowd yelling your chants back to you. It’s support from not only current students, but from alumni and future students as well. And it’s powerful. While school spirit can sometimes be silly, with crazy signs and funny outfits, don’t underestimate its ability to turn a game around. For a player, hearing the crowd rooting for them and believing in them can help them reach inside for that little something extra to keep the team in the game. As a cheerleader, one of your main responsibilities is to create and inspire school spirit at games, pep rallies, community events and competitions. Here are a few of the fun activities you can expect to be a part of: Brainstorming themes and ideas for Spirit Week Organizing pep rallies (and of course leading them!) Make signs and poster for the team and players Decorating floats for, and being a part of, parades Decorating the school, players’ lockers and the team locker room before games Plan and attend special events for the teams and coaches, like a recognition night for seniors Follow old traditions, and maybe even make some new ones! Make up chants and cheers for bonfires Sell school merchandise and spirit accessories before and at games And of course – Lead cheers and activities at games! Come back every Monday this month for School Spirit-focused blogs! How does your team show their spirit? Share your stories here!

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