9 Things to Love About Cheer Competitions

by omni

Competition season is the best time of the year! You get to step into the spotlight and show the world what you were born to do‚ fly, base, stunt, tumble, etc.! Sure, there are nerves, and it’s probably not healthy to inhale that much hair spray. Then there’s the issue of only finally getting the glitter completely out of your hair and clothes right before competition season roles back around, but overall there’s nothing better than a cheer competition. Here are our top 9 things to love about cheer competitions: Getting to show off your hard work. You have been keeping your amazing skills hidden inside the gym for too long. Now is your chance to break out. (Source: giphy.com) Wowing the crowd. There’s nothing like getting everyone on their feet and making jaws drop with an amazing routine. (Source: imgur.com) Posting the pics online later. Now your non-cheer friends (do you even have any?) can see what you do. Then you get to sit back and wait for your phone to blow up with notifications from all your amazed followers. (Source: popsugar.com) And then acting like it was no big deal. I could do this in my sleep. (Source: giphy.com) The adrenaline rush. If you drink five energy drinks while walking on a tight rope in heels, you might get close to replicating the rush you get before taking the floor. Maybe. (Source: tumblr.com) Getting ready together. Bonding with your friends before a big event is almost as fun as the event itself. Sometimes getting ready kind of feels like the main event and the actual competition is just the after party. (Source: tumblr.com) The fun routines. You get to mix incredible athleticism with creativity in a way no other sport does. (Source: tumblr.com) Watching other teams. It’s hard to describe the half judging, half enjoying process of watching your competitors, but whatever you call it, it’s fun getting to watch other squads do their thing. And nerve-wracking. But also fun. (Source: popsugar.com) Enjoying competition season. When it’s not competition season anymore, you still have to practice (hard) but don’t get a chance to compete. Just remembering this fact makes competitions more enjoyable. (Source: giphy.com) What do you love about competitions?

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