7 Things Cheerleaders Have Nightmares About

by omni

With Halloween just around the corner, now is a good time to vent about the things cheerleaders fear year round. While Halloween displays are scaring passersby with spiders and monster masks, these are the things real nightmares are made of: 1. Having a bad cheer hair day Cheer hair disasters are terrifying. Stay positive and hope your cheer poof never falls. Tease and spray! (Source: giphy.com) 2. Running out of glitter No one wants to run out of glitter makeup before she’s showtime-ready!(Source: giphy.com) 3. Your coach saying “one more time. ” AGAIN. A body can only take so much!!! Stop playing with our emotions! (Source: giphy.com) 4. Falling Everyone has falling dreams. Yours are just way more intense. So much is at stake! 5. Running out of room for your bows Do we have plenty of cheer bows? Technically, yes. But, here’s the thing: New (amazing) bow styles come out every year and we don’t have those ones yet. So really, the only thing holding us back is the possibility of running out of space to store them all‚ which would be terrible!(Source: giphy.com) 6. Dropping a stunt The actual crumble isn’t even the worst part. You know what we mean… 7. Forgetting your routine Going completely blank in front of the crowd might be the ultimate cheer catastrophe. At least you can recover from making a mistake‚ you can’t just magically shake that blank space while you’re under pressure! If only you could magically disappear…(Source: imgur.com) Luckily, we are so afraid of these things that we do everything we can to keep them from happening in real life! But, we also know that as long as we do our best and give our all, there’s nothing to worry about no matter what happens. What else do cheerleaders have nightmares about?

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