6 Summer Snacks Perfect for Practice

by omni

Practice in summer is much more intense than any other season. Not only do you have practice more often but you are also preparing for the upcoming seasons, which means learning new skills and improving old ones. Then, there’s the weather, which is an entirely separate beast. While some practice wear is made with a fabric that has cooling properties that help absorb sweat, like Chasse’s C-dri performance fabric, practicing for hours in the sun can take a toll on you. While we can’t make temperatures go down (as much as we wish we could), we can help you have a more comfortable and effective workout or practice session. By taking the weather into consideration when choosing practice snacks and foods, you can greatly improve your mood and your body’s movement in the heat. Here are six snacks that are perfect for summer: Electrolyte-enhanced drinks. While not a filling snack on its own, drinking beverages with electrolytes can majorly affect your workout, especially when it’s hot out. In the summer you sweat a lot more, which means your body is losing a lot of water. This can lead to dehydration – one of the worst things for an athlete’s body. While you should constantly be drinking water, also pack drinks like Gatorade or Vitamin Water. To keep them cool for practice, try freezing them the night before. They’ll thaw during practice and stay cool for hours. Frozen grapes. Fruit always makes for a great snack, no matter what the season. For summer, try frozen grapes! Not only do they provide further hydration, are healthy, and taste delicious, but they will also help you cool down. Freeze them for at least an entire day in advance and don’t take them out of the freezer until you leave for practice. If you really want to keep them as cold as possible, pack them in a lunch bag with a cold pack. Protein shakes. A cold drink that hydrates and has enough nutrients to keep you full is the best of both worlds for a hot summer day at practice. You can either choose a protein powder and mix with it water or milk or you can create a super smoothie with juice, fruits, and vegetables (you can even toss in some yogurt, too!). Pour it into a big bottle and you’re set to go. The best way to preserve it for several hours is to wrap a cold compress or ice pack around the bottle. Granola bar. When it’s hot outside, you should eat lighter foods. A granola bar is a great option because, while light, it still contains protein, fiber, and other nutrients that cheerleaders need. Peanut butter on celery. Celery is a healthy vegetable that contains a lot of water, which means it helps hydrate you. However, on its own it doesn’t pack enough protein or calories to sustain you through a workout. Add peanut butter as a delicious addition. Peanut butter has a lot of protein and can boost your energy levels. Mixed nuts. Nuts are a great power snack. They have a lot of protein and vitamins, keeping you full and energized for hours. While peanuts are tasty, they can be very salty. Look for unsalted peanuts and mix in some unsalted almonds and walnuts. What are your favorite snacks for summer? What keeps you fueled and energized at practice?

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