6 Confessions of Competitive Cheerleaders (in GIFs)

by omni

Competitive cheerleading is no joke. As an all star cheerleader, you get pushed to the physical limit and never have breaks. Even in between seasons, you’re constantly trying to improve your cheer game through vigorous training, camps, and clinics. Most people wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure, the commitment, the schedule‚ but luckily, you love cheering so much that it doesn’t matter! You PREFER it! Saying that you “like’ what you do is a serious understatement; cheerleading is a lifestyle, an obsession. Being so immersed in the cheer world is the best kind of living, but there are some things that happen along the way that every competitive cheerleader experiences, yet few reveal. All stars, you know what we’re talking about‚ Confession #1: The “Level 5 Lookdown’ [Source: Giphy] You’re on a Level 5 team? Well, then you know that the stigma is real. And, a Level 4.2 team knows that they’re not quite there. Does beef exist between team levels? Not really. But, there is a difference, a silent and superior difference. One day Level 4 teams will understand. Until then, just smile and nod their way at competitions. Confession #2: Base Anxiety [Source: Giphy] Another base has your flyer?? Exasperated, you burst into tears with worry. THEY BETTER NOT DROP HER. DON’T YOU DARE DROP HER!! Until your flyer is safely returned to your stunt group, all is not right in the universe. Please restore order and back away from the flyer. Sorry not sorry. Confession #3: Touching Down Nightmares [Source: Giphy] The competition is days away and you’re confident in yourself and your team. Until night comes, when your mind provides you with the most terrifying experiences of touching down during your routine. And your team is furious, and you run away, suddenly lost in a rabbit hole of confusion, and you can’t seem to find the exit‚ and then you wake up crying and covered in sweat, thanking God it’s only a dream. Whew, that was a close one. Confession #4: Cutting Conditioning Corners [Source: Giphy] Get in shape, stay in shape, condition, condition‚ but today, you’re just sluggish and not ready at all for what the coach has in mind. You know that if you quit early, your coach will make your team do the whole drill all over again. For the 15th millionth time. But, enough is enough! OK, while the coach isn’t looking‚ please don’t catch me, please don’t catch me‚ Confession #5: Sudden and Involuntary Crying [Source: Giphy] As an all star, you’re under a lot of pressure, so it’s natural to get upset when things don’t go your way. But, then you are finding yourself tearing up more and more about other things. Like being disappointed in yourself after a close to perfect runthrough, or your BFF just won Homecoming Queen, or they’re out of curly fries at Arby’s. Or the thought of eventually aging out, or not having friends who like cheer, or future children that might think cheerleading is stupid. How dare them? What are you going to do then?? Hey, cheer is an emotional sport!! Confession #6: Instant Composure [Source: Giphy] And right after you fall to pieces entirely, you have the supernatural ability to collect yourself and get back to the competition, like the all star pro that you are! Yes, you just excused yourself to have a complete and utter mental breakdown for 10 minutes after the routine, but that was sooo 12 minutes ago… What other secrets do you have as an all star cheerleader? Confess in the comments!

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