5 Ways to Stay Part of the Team When Injured

by omni

Injuries are the worst. Not only do they hurt and get in the way of your daily activities‚ they can keep you from cheering! Avoid them when you can and recover quickly when you can’t, but in the meantime, here are five ways to stay part of the team when you have to sit out: Be there. Never give anyone a reason to question your commitment to the team. Your teammates know that you can’t practice and could be home watching TV instead, but you chose to come watch practice because the team is your top priority. Help however you can. Maybe you can help your coach with some paperwork or pick up around the gym or locker room. Maybe you can fill up water bottles. Whatever it is, find ways to help so you are still contributing to the team. Cheer on your teammates. If you can only sit on the sideline, cheer for your teammates. Bring positivity and energy to the room. Show that your body may be out temporarily, but your spirit is just fine. Make the most of your time. Pay close attention to practice so you can step right back in without missing a beat once you are able to rejoin the team. Use this time to go over the moves in your head so you have the cheers and routines down when you come back. Visualize yourself performing a flawless routine or nailing the stunt you’ve been working on. This will help make it a reality. Think outside the gym. Cheering on your teammates at practice is great, but you can take it a step further by encouraging them outside of practice. Put a note in their lockers or make some goodie bags to pass out to let your teammates know you’re thinking of them and appreciate them even though you can’t cheer with them right now. This will be a great outlet for the extra energy you have and help relieve the frustration of having to sit out. What other ways can you stay part of the team when you’re injured?

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