5 Problems All Cheer Coaches Would Understand

by omni

You’re at your wits’ end sometimes, but other times you’re over the moon. There is so much emotion that goes into being a cheer coach, that sometimes, you just can’t even process it. With your fair share amount of obstacles, what’s not to love about the stress of coaching?? Here is a list of five things that all cheer coaches know well: 1. Your car looks like a cheerleading store exploded in it. [Source: Giphy] As a coach, you know at least two cheerleaders on your team will forget something. They forgot to bring their bow to a competition, only brought one pom pom, or brought the wrong colored sock. Not to worry‚ you have extras of EVERYTHING! And, it’s not just cheerleading items either; you have a bag of must-have essentials at all times‚ you know, hair spray, extra glitter, and bobby pins galore! You may have forgotten your wallet, but you have everything you can possibly every need for your cheerleaders‚ because cheer is life. 2. Over-the-top parents. [Source: Giphy] There is always one parent who thinks their kid is better than everyone else, and should be the star of the show. Cheerleading is as much a team sport as any other sport, so dealing with parents who only focus on their cheerleader can be very difficult. Plus, you just spent all day coaching‚ the last thing you want to do is talk with a needy parents! Just gently remind those parents that cheerleading is a team sport, and you have made the best decision for the team. It can be hard keeping your cool, but just put on your competition smile, and be that great role model you already are. 3. Cheerleaders all hopped up on sugar. [Source: Giphy] Whosever bright idea it was to give your cheerleaders Frappuccinos before practices or competitions is dead to you. You are already outnumbered, and cheerleaders are already prone to being silly, but then someone gives them sugary caffeine it gets out of control, FAST. Trying to wrangle all of your cheerleaders together may cause you to use your scary coach voice that only comes out on special occasions, in attempts to break through that sugar high and get those cheerleaders to finally focus. 4. You make the tough choices. [Source: Giphy] You are the one who picks team positions‚ who is a flyer and who is going to tumble. This can be very difficult, and it comes down to you (and only you) to make these kind of choices. Not to mention, everyone will want to speak with you about your decision, and how wrong you are: you have parents who thinks their child deserves it more than another child, or you may having a crying kid who thinks they were going to be a flyer when they are going to be base. It can be really hard, but you are the coach and you know what is best for your team. No one ever said that being a coach was easy‚ 5. You have too much fun! [Source: Giphy] You are a cheer coach‚ what could be more fun than that? Being a coach is incredibly rewarding: you learn a lot about yourself, and you become a role model for young cheerleaders. Cheerleading is a lot of hard work, and can be very challenging at times. But, when your team wins a competition, or even just gets invited to competition for the first time, it makes all the glitter, sweat, and tears worth it! What are other problems that all cheer coaches would understand? Share your coaching woes in the comments!

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