5 Habits of Successful Cheerleaders

by omni

Everyone wants to be successful, whether that means making the squad at your school, moving up a level, winning a state or national championship, or anything in between. But, not everyone knows what really goes into being successful. Success doesn’t just happen by itself. Here are five habits of successful cheerleaders: They love what they do. Without passion, it’s hard to be a successful cheerleader. You really have to have that desire inside you that drives you to be great. As two-time Worlds champion Maddie Gardner said in a recent interview with Chasse, “Championships are definitely about hard work, but more importantly, they’re about passion and commitment and caring for one another.” To truly be successful, you have to want it. They welcome input. Not only do they welcome it, but they often seek it. They value their coach’s insight and know it will help them get better. No one becomes successful on her own. Successful cheerleaders recognize that and value advice from others‚ that doesn’t mean they always take it, though. When you’re successful, chances are everyone will have something to say to you. You have to know what tips to ignore and run anything questionable by a trusted coach. They make their teammates better. Again, no one becomes successful without help. A squad can’t win a championship with one or two exceptional cheerleaders. Successful athletes don’t neglect their teammates on their to the top in an effort to outshine them. They help them every step of the way so the team can be great together. They work hard. Successful cheerleaders don’t just show up to practice and give their all, although that’s a big part of it. These types of cheerleaders dedicate a lot of their time to improving themselves. They work out on their own outside of practice to be in the best physical condition possible. This might mean they get up early a couple days a week to run, go to a yoga or spin class, or put in their favorite workout DVD. They also make time to stretch each day and might even attend additional tumbling lessons if possible. They set goals. Why would a cheerleader who already has her splits, scorpion, needle, etc. make time each day to stretch? Because she isn’t done just because she has reached certain milestones. Successful cheerleaders keep striving to better themselves. What other habits do successful cheerleaders practice?

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