4 Ways to Bond at Cheer Camp

by omni

Cheer camp is a time to improve your cheerleading skills, but one of the most important things you’ll do at camp is get to know your teammates better. What good are amazing stunts if you can’t work together? Bonding at camp will make your season more successful, and a lot more fun! Here are a few ideas to help you get to know your teammates at cheer camp: Match the fact with the teammate. Have each cheerleader write down three facts about her or himself on small pieces of paper. Collect all the pieces of paper, fold them, and put them in a bowl, hat, large cup, or whatever you have on hand. Now draw a piece of paper out of the hat, read it, and have the teammates guess which teammate the fact is about. You never know what you’ll learn about each other! Play the knot game. You’ve probably heard of this one before, and maybe even done it. The knot game forces you to work together, and you will definitely see your teammates’ individual personalities come out as they work under pressure! With everyone standing in a circle, each person reaches across the circle with her or his right hand and grabs someone else’s hand. Once everyone is grabbing another hand with his or her right hand, start again, this time with the left hand. Now, it’s time to get out of the knot without anyone letting go of a hand. If you have a large enough group, you can break up into two groups and see who can get unwound the fastest. Or, if you have a smaller group, time yourself the first time, then do it again and try to beat your time. Have a game night. Bring a fun game or two to camp and gather in one of your team rooms one evening for a game night. You can bring Twister, Pictionary, Guesstures, or any game you like. You could even do this without bringing any games by playing something like charades where all you’ll need is paper, pens, and some ideas. Sneak out. If this is against your camp rules, then you didn’t hear this idea from us‚ But, if you can, take a team trip at night after the day’s events are over. Pile in the coach’s car and drive to a nearby restaurant or drive through for milkshakes, for example. Whatever you do, make it a yearly team tradition. This will help build team memories and be a common cheer camp experience only your squad will share. What are your favorite team-bonding activities?

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