4 Cheerleading Traditions To Inspire Your Team

by omni

What would a cheer season be without its traditions? Ok, it would still be amazing, but having traditions helps bring a school, community and team together! However a tradition might get its start, one of the responsibilities of a cheerleading team is to carry those traditions on, and teach them to new members of the team. Some traditions are wild, like face and body painting, and some focus on a certain group of the community, like graduating seniors or retiring teachers; but the hidden benefits of cheerleading traditions make the time and effort well worth while! Here are some real cheerleading team’s traditions, submitted by our readers. Check them out, get inspired and share them with your squad! Cipriana North Pole Patriots HS and AYF teams Alaska At cheer camp one year my squad and I learned something called Little Sally Walker. Immediately we all loved it! so we took it to our cheerleading practices and did it everyday at the end of practice. I think we all really liked it because it was such a great way for the team to bond with everyone. Its great; there’s laughing and singing and dancing! I’m not part of that squad anymore because I have moved but next year I hope to bring the same tradition to them because it just such a fun great thing to do! I hope to keep this tradition. Wondering what the Little Sally Walker is? Check out this video! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ktfm3WjpqhQ&feature=related[/youtube] Rebekah Washington Academy Raiders Maine For Valentine’s Day my squad makes homemade Valentine’s & purchases carnations for the elderly at two local assisted living places in our community & for Christmas, the squad makes homemade Christmas tree ornaments & signs Christmas cards to deliver to the residents at the same two assisted living centers. After the cheerleaders pass out and visit with the residents they perform all their cheers in the community room. This brings our squad closer because of the joy & cheer we bring to the residents! We are the only squad in our county that does this for the elderly! Amanda BFA cheerleading Vermont Since we hail from the maple capital of the world, on competition days the entire team gets together for breakfast. Everyone gets a small cup of locally produced Vermont maple syrup to put on his or her food. The maple syrup helps the team to “stick their stunts.” Jesse Stamford Collegiate Secondary Ontario Canada I may not cheer for an all-star team, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else besides my high school team. My high school team is limited coed level 3 and we came in first both regional and provincials last year and we hope to take the title again this year and proceed to Nationals. Like most all-star teams, they practice till the end of their season and restart again in the next couple of weeks. After our season, we have one week off, then here we go, cheerleading team tryouts again and we practice all through the summer season. Best of luck to my team and our showcase next month, provincial champs one more time! Loving these traditions? Let us know in the comments! Does your cheerleading team have a great tradition, or have they found a unique way to updated an old tradition? Share your story in our comments!

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