3 Alternative Cheer Practice Places to Shake Up Summer

by omni

We are all get a little tired of the same old same old stuff, and life can sometimes get into a routine. When it comes to your team getting their routine down, that is great, but when your team starts getting complacent, it is time to change things up. What better way to change it up than to switch up your practice location? Even gym rats, who love working out, get bored at the gym after a while. Here are some new ideas for alternative practice places. 1. The park. [Source: Giphy] No matter where you live geographically, there will be a park. A park is a great way for your team to get outside, get some fresh air, and feel rejuvenated. And, there’s nothing like a breath of fresh air to bring life to your team! Not only does being outside improve you physical health, it also improves your psychological health. Having a happy team improves performance and overall attitude, which makes your job as a coach that much easier. So, get that team out of the gym once a week, to practice outside and have some fun in the sun! If you are normally a team that works out at a gym, don’t forget to look at the care instructions on your cheer shoes: some shoes are not meant to be worn outdoors, so keep that in the back of your mind when scheduling an outdoor practice. 2. The beach. [Source: Giphy] This may not be possible for some teams, due to a beach not being close to you. If you are close to a beach, I encourage you to have a beach practice. It is hard not to love the beach. Sometimes, I forget how much I love it and every time I go I say to myself, “Why don’t I go to the beach more often? ” Stop thinking‚ just go! Sand does get all over the place, but it also makes for a challenging workout. Have your tried running in sand? It is not like what you have seen on Baywatch; it is near impossible to look remotely cool or cute, but it is a lot of fun! Too bad Zac Efron won’t be there‚ I was starting to feel a bit faint. Biggest word to the wise with working out at the beach: bring plenty of water and sunscreen! It might seem overcast and cool, but there is a lot of sun reflecting off that water, and you will get sunburned and dehydrated. I can tell you with confidence Zac Efron will not be there, nor will Dwayne Johnson, as much as we wish a lifeguard would be like that‚ chances are they will be more life a David Hasselhoff, so drink plenty of water! 3. The city. [Source: Giphy] If your team is in a small town or a rural setting, hit the streets of a major city and do some practicing or some impromptu performances. Be sure to be careful and not do major stunting on concrete‚ you don’t want anyone to fall and hurt themselves! If have access to a van or truck, you could bring mats to be on the safe side. You can perform for fun, or do a street performance. Street performing is awesome and if you have shy teammates, this may help them come out of their shell in a fun way. This is also a great way to spread the word about your team, and possibly even land you donations! Getting out in the city Is always a fun time. What are other alternative cheer practice places? Share your practice stories with us!

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